Sunday, December 31, 2017

Strong Medicine Speaks: A Native American Elder Has Her Say

Video of Native American tribal Elder, Marion "Strong Medicine" Gould, subject of the 2008 oral history by author Amy Hill Hearth. Gould, who died in 2016, was a matriarch of the Nanticoke Lenni-Lenape tribal nation of Bridgeton, New Jersey.

Friday, December 29, 2017

Lenape Confederacy 10-20-2001

Nanticoke-Lenape attends Lenape Confederacy meeting 2001
Beautiful Footage of our people - Must see!
2017 - The Confederation of Sovereign Nanticoke – Lenape Tribes
An Introduction and Explanation
"The Confederation of Sovereign Nanticoke – Lenape Tribes is an alliance of historically and genealogically interrelated tribes of the Delaware Bay area, the Nanticoke Lenni-Lenape Tribal Nation of New Jersey and the Lenape Indian Tribe of Delaware. The Confederation is chartered to to promote the common good of our people, govern ourselves under our own laws, protect and maintain our tribal culture and preserve the legacy of our ancestors. "

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"I know of no other instance in history where a great nation has so shamefully violated its oath. Our country must forever bear the disgrace and suffer the retribution of its wrongdoing. Our children’s children will tell the sad story in hushed tones, and wonder how their fathers dared so to trample on justice and trifle with God." (BIA, Annual Report, 1876) Henry Benjamin Whipple

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Indigenous - Free App - Download today

Indigenous App:
App for the Nanticoke Lenni-Lenape People; We will be remembered; We will not let you forget; We are still here!
Download our App! The Indigenous WayOf the Nanticoke Lenni-Lenape People

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Goal Setting in 7 Easy Steps

Goal Setting in 7 Easy Steps

The three keys to living without limits have always been the same. They
are clarity, competence, and concentration. Goal setting will help you live
without limits. Learning how to set goals is an art. Learn why setting goals is
a necessity.

1. State your goal in positive terms

People often set a goal in terms of what they don't want! "I don't
want to smoke, to be angry..." It's "what I want to do or want to
be" See the difference? Hear the nuance? Are you ready to positively state
every goal you want to achieve?

2. Make sure the goal can be self-initiated and maintained. The goal
doesn't depend on the attitude of your neighbor, on the behavior of your wife
or family. The success of your goal must depend on you, and you alone.

3. Your goal must be sensory specific

Here comes the importance of clarity. The clearer the picture, the more
compelling and the more attractive it is, the greater the drive to reach your
final destination. Act as if the goal is already achieved. Make a very clear
image, in rich details, and you will be so enthusiastic that you will
automatically attract the solution.

4. State the context of the goal.

"Where and when will my goal be achieved?" The answer can be
obvious for some goals but not at all for others. Try to be as specific as

5. Run a Quality Control check on the goal to ensure balance in all
areas of your home/work life.

Above all, you don't want to lose your balance. When you run this
'Quality Control Check", you play a win-win strategy. Everything is one
system and the whole system must win. You will find peace of mind in knowing
that you are in harmony with the system. Step back and look at all areas of
your life. Is your goal worth it?

6. State the resources needed to achieve the goal: what is the price to

There is always a price to pay, for everything. There is always some
kind of sacrifice to make when you set a worthy goal. In this step, you will
define all that you will need, in terms of time, money and energy.

7. State the value and the consistency of the goal.

Why do I want to reach this goal? Why is it important to me? Is this
goal in harmony with my vision, beliefs and values? Answer these questions. If
you don't seem to be satisfied with the answers, maybe you should change your
goal. Set a new goal until you feel it is in harmony with your passion, vision
or mission.

When you properly set a goal with this model, two important things
occur. First, you are in State the value and the consistency of the goal
because your entire "You" agrees and offers no resistance. Second,
you are programmed to succeed. Indeed, your very (whole) neurology and
physiology are both instructed to drive you towards obtaining your desired
goal. You're totally focused.

Again, the three keys to living without limits have always been the
same. They are clarity, competence, and concentration. When you set crystal
clear goals, and you respect the 7 must-have conditions, you can literally live
without limits, can't you?

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Monday, December 4, 2017

Developing the Soul from Within

It is the natural right of every human being to be happy, to escape all
the miseries of life. Happiness is the normal condition, as natural as the
landscapes and the seasons. It is unnatural to suffer and it is only because of
our ignorance that we do suffer. Happiness is the product of wisdom. To attain
perfect wisdom, to comprehend fully the purpose of life, to realize completely
the relationship of human beings to each other, is to put an end to all
suffering, to escape every ill and evil that afflicts us. Perfect wisdom is unspeakable

Why do we suffer in life? Because in the scheme of nature we are being
forced forward in evolution and we lack the spiritual illumination that alone
can light the way and enable us to move safely among the obstacles that lie
before us. Usually we do not even see or suspect the presence of trouble until
it suddenly leaps upon us like a concealed tiger. One day our family circle is
complete and happy. A week later death has come and gone and joy is replaced
with agony. Today we have a friend. Tomorrow he will be an enemy and we do not
know why. A little while ago we had wealth and all material luxuries. There was
a sudden change and now we have only poverty and misery and yet we seek in vain
for a reason why this should be. There was a time when we had health and
strength; but they have both departed and no trace of a reason appears.

Aside from these greater tragedies of life innumerable things of lesser
consequence continually bring to us little miseries and minor heartaches. We
most earnestly desire to avoid them but we never see them until they strike us,
until in the darkness of our ignorance we happen upon them. The thing we lack
is the spiritual illumination that will enable us to look far and wide, finding
the hidden causes of human suffering and revealing the method by which they may
be avoided; and if we can but reach illumination the evolutionary journey can
be made both comfortably and swiftly. It is as though we must pass through a
long, dark room filled with furniture promiscuously scattered about. In the
darkness our progress would be slow and painful and our bruises many. But if we
could press a button that would turn on the electric light we could then make
the same journey quickly and with perfect safety and comfort.

The old method of education was to store the mind with as many facts,
or supposed facts, as could be accumulated and to give a certain exterior
polish to the personality. The theory was that when a person was born they were
a completed human being and that all that could be done for them was to load them
up with information that would be used with more or less skill, according to
the native ability they happened to be born with. The theosophical idea is that
the physical person, and all that constitutes their life in the physical world,
is but a very partial expression of the self; that in the ego of each there is
practically unlimited power and wisdom; that these may be brought through into
expression in the physical world as the physical body and its invisible
counterparts, which together constitute the complex vehicle of the ego's
manifestation, are evolved and adapted to the purpose; and that in exact
proportion that conscious effort is given to such self-development will
spiritual illumination be achieved and wisdom attained. Thus, the light that
leads to happiness is kindled from within and the evolutionary journey that all
are making may be robbed of its suffering.

Why does death bring misery? Chiefly because it separates us from those
we love. The only other reason why death brings grief or fear is because we do
not understand it and comprehend the part it plays in human evolution.  But the moment our ignorance gives way to
comprehension such fear vanishes and a serene happiness takes its place.

Why do we have enemies from whose words or acts we suffer? Because in
our limited physical consciousness we do not perceive the unity of all life and
realize that our wrong thinking and doing must react upon us through other
people a situation from which there is no possible escape except through ceasing
to think evil and then patiently awaiting the time when the causes we have
already generated are fully exhausted. When spiritual illumination comes, and
we no longer stumble in the night of ignorance, the last enemy will disappear
and we shall make no more forever.

Why do people suffer from poverty and disease? Only because of our exasperated
ignorance that makes their existence possible for us, and because we do not
comprehend their meaning and their lessons, nor know the attitude to assume
toward them. Had we but the wisdom to understand why they come to people, why
they are necessary factors in their evolution, they would trouble us no longer.
When nature's lesson is fully learned these mute teachers will vanish.

And so, it is with all forms of suffering we experience. They are at
once reactions from our ignorant misgivings and instructors that point out the
better way. When we have comprehended the lessons, they teach they are no
longer necessary and disappear. It is not by the outward acquirement of facts
that we become wise and great. It is by developing the soul from within until
it illuminates the consciousness with that flood of light called grace.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Guinea Fowl – Great for the Farm

I know there's much information already about guinea fowl and how they benefit with tick eating, however, there are other benefits of living bug free, that is a blessing, not only for us but for animals as well.

We cannot take it lightly, when we walk outside of the house, walk through the large pastures of grass, the wooded sections and with the animals, domestic and farm, and not find a single bug.

This is an immense benefit for all of us, that the guinea hens have added to our life. The cats and dog have no fleas or ticks, none in the grass, woods or sand. No chiggers! All of us, including the farm animals enjoy the grassy areas chigger free.  The goats, who are prone to worms, have no worms and therefore we don't need to worry about medicating often.  The new cow, bull and alpaca will really benefit because these past few years, we have had no flies.  Guineas eat them too.  They are great protectors of the silkie chickens, which in-turn hatch guinea eggs.

Don’t let me forget to mention the garden.  We never use pesticides for the vegetables!  The Guineas take care of any potential pest and therefore, we eat organically.

The best benefit of all, watching our children and our grandchildren play in the meadows and woods bug free without harmful pesticides. 

We will have guinea fowl in February through September of 2018! 856-332-3817.

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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Be Pest Free with Guinea Hens

Did you know that the Guinea fowl or Guinea Hen is the "original fowl"?  These birds originated on the continent of Africa and rank among the oldest of the chicken type of birds. Some birds that inhabited Mongolia may have given rise to the oldest of the true forms which evolved into high-altitude adapted species with the rise of the Tibetan Plateau. While modern Guinea fowl species are from Africa, the helmeted Guinea fowl is now everywhere.
Got Ticks?  Well these birds are insect eating.  They’re great foragers for bugs but they don't scratch, which is less destructive to your garden than chickens. They can make an enormous difference when it comes to your tick population. Ticks are scarce in the open, grassy areas and you will only find a few in the woods and brush. Guineas are specialists in tick control, and your yard, including kids and the dog will be tick free.
Guinea fowl can live and thrive in almost any type of weather environment. Guinea fowl prefer to roost in trees and they only require 7 inches of space per bird for roosting. Any type of shelter would be fairly small and they have to be trained to come into the coop at night if you choose the shelter method. A guinea hen will make a nest and lay her eggs in random, hard-to-find places.
Unless you are in the harshest of climates, chances are your guineas are going to adapt to the conditions.
Guinea fowl are interesting birds. Guinea fowl are good watchdogs and will let you know if something is amiss, only they won't bite.
Guinea fowl can make a great addition to your chickens and are courteous around other animals as well.  They will follow your dog and cat which is pretty cool to watch.
Guinea fowls only lay eggs from April through August which puts them in high demand for the summer season especially when ticks can nest through the first frost!
To purchase your guinea fowls, please send an email to: or call 856-332-3817 or 856-459-5580.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Fight for Your Right to Keep Your Wealth

We all need to protect what we have worked so hard for.  Our wealth is disappearing before our eyes.  We need to be aware of the ever-changing rules and regulations that blindside us each day. Our wealth is crumbling due to plummeting home values, through bank bailouts, skyrocketing credit card interest rates, and unemployment rates at a record high.

It is time to arm ourselves with knowledge of the schemes of anyone that is blatantly stealing our money; especially the debt collectors. Websites like  What Lies In Your Debt?® It PAYS To Know! is a great resource with information to protect your wealth. 

Each day we get several calls from those seeking help with losing their so-called “American Dream”.  We have searched all ends of this earth and have found very little in the way of help.

One of the best ways to help yourself is to “help yourself” to the knowledge that has been compiled by a few.  There are several sites on the web with bits and pieces of information, just to leave you wondering where to start.  This is one of the best places that we have found for valuable information What Lies In Your Debt?® It PAYS To Know!

It is strange that, considering the vital nature of the subject, many people lack information on their debt.

Fortunately, it is never too late to educate yourself on the subject. Learning to protect yourself with information like What Lies In Your Debt?® It PAYS To Know! is a great idea for keeping your wealth.

Here are a few articles about some whose foreclosures were dismissed:

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Sandy Funds Still Available

Are you still a victim of Superstorm Sandy?

Are you still displaced from your home, or not quite there

Good news, we may be able to help you with that last small
hurdle to get you BACK to where you were before the storm.

We can help with heaters, water heaters, and minor repairs. 

Please contact us immediately if you have struggled to get
your home back to where it should be.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Desperately Seeking Old Friends We Served with in Korea

If your name is Loggy, Christmas, Clarkie or Mitch, from Osan AB, S. Korea in 1961- 1962, we are looking for you!

By: Mark Gould

This is the place, Osan Air Base in South Korea 

This is my older brother, Wilbur Gould  (aka: Gould) – Air Police

Place was Osan AB, S. Korea in the years 1961 – 1962
Honey Village

All we have are the nicknames but this is who we are looking for:

Loggy – Wilbur (Gould) had me, Mark (Little Brother), box with him.  I found out why they called him Loggy! (He hit really hard!)

Christmas – he is from Philadelphia and was a light weight boxer who prepared me.

Clarkie – this is the only thing we knew was the name.

Mitch – Honor Guard

The reason I am searching is because my brother Wilbur has Parkinson’s and is in the NJ Veterans Memorial Home, Room #3125, 524 N. West Blvd., Vineland, NJ 08360, 856-405-4200.

This is me, Mark Gould (aka: Little Brother) -Construction Engineer

I know that 56 years is a long time ago, but Wilbur still talks about you. That’s Love!

If anyone remembers my Hero, please contact him or call me, Mark Gould, 856-558-7848.


Ps.  I’m done with this Boxing Thing, I was never any good at it anyway.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Got Ticks? Get Guineas!

Guinea Hens for Sale

Got ticks, well guinea hens are insect eating.

They can make an enormous difference to you bug population. As a matter of fact, guineas eat 90% of all bugs. Ticks thrive in open grassy areas, as well as woods and brush. Guineas are specialist in tick and bug control.

You and your yard will be tick free in a matter of days.

Guineas can live and thrive in almost any type of weather environment. Guineas prefer to roost in trees. Any type of shelter can be small.

Guineas only lay eggs from February through August which puts
them in high demand for the summer season especially when ticks can nest
through the first frost!

If you need guinea hens visit

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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Same Face, Different Year

The face remains the same, the only thing that is different is the year!  We are still here.

Are you aware that there are many documents from our community that list your family members as “Indian”? 

We are in the final stage of compiling our research and need volunteers to help us put it all together.  We have all the tools and space necessary for his to be completed.  We will train you on the entire process and are available Monday – Friday from 9 am – 4 pm in downtown Bridgeton, NJ.

Not only will you find this information fascinating, but you will also gain knowledge in computer techniques that you will always be able to use.   This is a great opportunity for those interested in a new hobby and help the Tribe at the same time.

Eligible volunteers must be at least 16 years old and no older than 129!

If you find this interesting, please contact us as soon as possible. 856-332-3817.

For additional information visit:
Please be sure to visit these other great sites!

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Native American Advancement Conn. LLC

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Plan Your Destiny by Achieving Your Goals

Plan Your Destiny by Achieving Your Goals

The following will help you create a new approach to life and discover
talents that you never knew you had. This will help you get the most out of
yourself all the time. You will start developing your innate strengths and
abilities to start enriching your life, TODAY!

The main reason people succeed at accomplishing goals is through their
determination to become successful. You must first be able to visualize where
you are going before there is any hope of achieving your goals.

Written goals are like maps with directions.

You need to desire to have a destination, direction and a plan of

Written goals are meant to be read like a map, you must have
directions, a path on which to travel with the intention of arriving at your

Write down a clear, to the point, statement of what it is you want to
receive out of life.

Your Goals must be in writing. Once it goes into writing the mind will
start working on them subconsciously. The traditional goal checklist is largely
a product of old technology, a pen and a piece of paper.

It is a good idea to write the goals down on a small piece of paper accompanied
with a small picture to carry them around with you, either in your purse or
your wallet. This way you can review them often.

The difference between a goal and a dream is the written and spoken word.

Let's say one of your goals is to get a truck. The first thing you need
to do is write that goal down. Write it down in the form of a positive affirmation,
then read it to yourself out loud!

Is this a goal you can accomplish? Is this goal believable? If the goal
is not believable it is going to be hard to accomplish. You must believe.  Smaller goals to start are going to be easier
to complete and the more you complete the more goals you will set for yourself.

Is the goal going to be challenging? The easy goals will form good
habits as you complete them. You will see yourself starting to make progress.
The small goals will keep you motivated to write new goals. The larger goals
that you set for yourself will force you to grow Mentally. You need to have
short term and long-term goals so you can continue making progress while
staying motivated.

Start to make a very brief outline on how you wish to achieve your
goals. The help you will need to accomplish your goals such as the,
information, knowledge, people, organizations. In each case write them out in a
clear list and go over them that.

Keep your outlines simple and to the point.

Set a deadline for your goals. Analyze where you are now in relation to
the goal and then measure how long you will reasonably need to complete the
goal. It's not unreasonable for a long-term goal to be over five years.

You should read your goals daily. Set them by your bedside, your desk
at work, or post them on the refrigerator. Putting these goals in action will
require consistent action from you.

Start visualizing your goals. Get a clear mental picture of the goals
one at a time. Start seeing your goals as completed.  If you can visualize your goals clearly you
will start to find ways to accomplish them.

What is happening in your mind is that your reticular activator is now
in motion. You are starting to see things that are familiar to your
subconscious mind. This is a very common occurrence after you start goal
setting you will start noticing more things that were always there before. You
might seek help for a certain goal and realize it right around the corner.

Get a clear MENTAL PICTURE of the goal as if it is already
accomplished. Make the image crystal clear, as vivid in the mind's eye as you
possibly can. Play that movie over and over in your mind.

You can think about the goals as long as you want to.

You can plan how you're going to accomplish your goals with an outline.

You can tell every person on this earth about your goals, you can print
your goals out in big letters paste them all over your house, you can read them
every day out loud, you can be the most positive energetic optimistic creative
person around. But if you take no action you will never accomplish anything.

Now that you have written goals it is time to start accomplishing them.

Remember persistence is staying motivated are the main keys to
accomplishing your goals is to review them daily.

You can find more information on our website at

Perceive-Believe-Receive Your Desires and Dreams

Perceive-Believe-Receive Your Desires and Dreams.

No matter what your circumstances, you can change your current reality with a few simple techniques that will drive your future.

There are many ways to be successful.  We have been taught that the way to survive is to work for others, collect a weekly pay, attend a very expensive college, visit the doctor often just to take chemicals, etc.  The information that I will share with you will help you become successful without relying on these lessons and by taking a leap of faith to earn a living with multiple sources of income to aide with your lifestyle that you desire.

Imagine The Beginning and Shape your Future

Just Imagine what you want and where you want to be, and your imagined world will become your reality.

You are the master of your destiny, you are the creator that makes your dreams and desire come true.

Your heart and mind must agree with what you want and anything is possible.

This is your moment, take a moment and pay attention to your thoughts.  Your thoughts become reality.

How many of you have ever taken a road trip?  You packed all your bags, you packed the car, your children and everything that you are going to need for at least a two-week road trip.

How many of you have ever traveled to a distant place and stayed in a bed-and-breakfast where you shared your space with other people?

Well I have experienced both and they were some of the best experiences that I that have ever had.

When we went on our road trip, five children and myself.  We packed our bags, each of us had two bags, a regular suitcase and carry bag.  My youngest was only two months old.

We went on our road trip and we found a great hotel and luckily, the hotel had two beds.  My youngest was only two months old, so he was in the car seat and did not need to sleep in a bed, so he slept in the seat.  We were really excited and we really enjoyed the different scenery and the feeling of just being away from home.

After staying in the hotel we stayed in a bed-and-breakfast type of home, and shared the space with others.  The children stayed in the in the basement and I was able to stay with my youngest in one of the rooms.  We were there for couple weeks.

This stay was one of the best experiences that I think that I could have had, when I look back.  I am not the traveling kind of person, but I did learn some things about myself and my children that I probably would have never learned if we did not take this trip.

This trip, the best experiences of my life, was not just any old trip, but this was, at that time, my current reality.

At one time we owned two homes and a store, and due to unforeseen things, that were out of our control, we lost it all.

We had to sell both homes and the store.  We ended up sleeping and living in a hotel for two weeks, five children and myself, and my youngest was two months old.

We never missed a day of work, never missed a day of school, we were in a whole separate city than where we were before, and we made it work.

I still had the car, each of us had our suitcases and bags, and we made it work!  Then after two weeks of staying in hotel, after running out of money, I was graciously invited to stay with my father and his wife, where we stayed there for two weeks.

This was a learning experience, starting over.  It is not only humbling but it is revealing as to what we were really made of.  And I found this out about myself, that I was made from some pretty tough stuff.

In spite of this reality, we felt joy and excitement!  I studied all my life on how to control my thinking and my thoughts and I was able to rebound into a brand-new home in only 18 months.

If you are listening to this today, I will tell you, that you too, are made from some pretty tough stuff.

You can be on path of your dreams.

I want you to close your eyes right now, and sit back and imagine how it feels if you are taking a road trip to your favorite destination.  Just close your eyes and imagine you are going to your favorite place, whether to the beach or whether to another country, and you are there, and you find the most beautiful hotel, you and your family, you all have your suitcases nicely packed and you get into the hotel and you are just so excited, you are so excited because you're going to enjoy the experiences of this place; where you want to be. Just imagine that feeling that you have right now, that feeling of excitement and joy, that feeling that you are feeling right now, of your excitement and your joy. Just feel! That is the secret!

No matter what your circumstances are, no matter what your current reality is, as long as you can find that feeling of joy and that feeling of excitement, everything is going to be alright.

That is what you need to practice. This must be your attitude every day…

How many of you like dessert; a really good dessert?  How many of you have experienced homemade desserts? Okay, now I want you to really imagine that dessert.  I want you to close your eyes and imagine it going onto the plate. Imagine looking at it, and picking up the spoon and stirring it, feeling it, or taking it apart and how good you feel at this moment.  Take a bite, feel the joy of this moment! That is the secret.

Your feelings, your emotions, your imagination is what is going to be your future. You are the master of your destiny. You imagine, you create, you experience through your thoughts and this is the most powerful thing that we're going to tell you right now, that you are all listening to learn how to become the master of your destiny.

So right now you are on your first step, and this is how.

How many of you know that your brain cannot differentiate your daydreams or dreams from reality? Let me say it again, your brain cannot differentiate your dreams or daydreams from your current reality. And what that means is that as you experience a dream or a daydream or an imagination, that your body physically goes through the same emotions as is if you were experiencing it at this very moment. That is the secret.

You must, at this moment forward, control your thinking and your imagination, which in turn will control your destiny. How many of you really want to change your life?

I want you to close your eyes and imagine what you really want and how you really feel as if your life was as you dreamed, whether you're just sitting in a chair watching TV, or whether you're cooking in your amazing kitchen, or whether you're lying in bed watching TV, or whether you're working in your garden, or whether you're looking outside of your city window, or whether you're cutting your grass, or raking your yard, imagine what it feels like right now to be in that dream life!

You need to imagine and believe that you have already achieved your dream in your imagination. You already have set up your destination by saying and imagining that this is what you want right now.

You must focus on that result and feel the feeling as though you are already experiencing it this moment.

Remember, your mind cannot differentiate your experiences whether they are imagined or real and the same is true, that if you are imagining terrible things happening, that those things will happen.

Your mind cannot differentiate so therefore you must control your thinking.  Do not worry about how it is going to happen, do not worry about when it is going to happen, but concentrate as though it has already happed. Now feel the feeling of what you will be doing as your dream is reality.

This information is my gift to you because giving is a major part of life and we need to give right now.

This is the perfect opportunity because we all have talents and gifts that we could be giving to help others make their life better and the more we give the more we receive.

I want you to write down in a notebook the following: “I am a talented and gifted person,  I will now share my talents and gifts with others!” Under that sentence I want you to write down all of your talents that you have whether it be consulting others, consoling others, whether it be teaching, whether sewing clothes or cooking, all of your talents that you have, that you have forgotten about, the things that you really like to do, the things that you know you're good at, gardening, carpentry, whatever your talents are, whatever you have mastered in your life, out of either necessity or out of interest or out of just the love of something from the time that you were young.  Write it all down.  Now underneath of those talents, I want you to write out three ways that those talents can help others.

Lastly, I want you to write down 100 things that you desire to have or to experience, as though you have already achieved them.   And once you write down these 100 things, I want you to keep it in a safe place and review it, and look at it, visualize and cut out pictures.  You will see the miracles happen in your life.

Thank you and stay tuned for more.

Be Ye, therefore, I Am

I am merciful
I am a follower of God
I am simple
I am wisdom
I am astonished
I am Blessed
I am compassionate
I am a doer of the word
I am fruitful
I am holy
I am mindful
I am perfect
I am wise
I am patient
I am of a certain mind
I am ready
I am strong
I am of one mind
I am love
I am courteous
I am kind to others
I am tenderhearted
I am forgiving
I am holy in all manner of conversation
I am sober
I am wise
I am peaceful
I am lifted
I am a servant of God
I am thankful
I am glad and rejoice forever
I am as wise as a
serpent and harmless as a dove
I am reconciled to God
I am equally yoked
I am separate
I am clean
I am led of the Spirit
I am transformed by the renewing of my mind
I am still
I am very courageous
I am steadfast
I am unmovable
I am abounding  
I am warmed and filled
I am valiant
I am glad with exceeding joy
I am with the king
I am the peace of God that surpasses all understanding
I am beauty from within
I am rich
I am healthy
I am successful
I am what I imagine
I am grace
    I am that, I am

I Am that, I Am - The Power of God Within

I am merciful
I am a follower of God
I am simple
I am wisdom
I am astonished
I am Blessed
I am compassionate
I am a doer of the word
I a  fruitful
I am holy
I am mindful
I am perfect
I am wise
I am patient
I am of a certain mind
I am ready
I am strong
I am of one mind
I am love
I am courteous
I am kind to others
I am tenderhearted
I am forgiving
I am holy in all manner of conversation
I am sober
I am wise
I am peaceful
I am lifted
I am a servant of God
I am thankful
I am glad and rejoice forever
I am as wise as a
serpent and harmless as a dove
I am reconciled to God
I am equally yoked
I am separate
I am clean
I am led of the Spirit
I am transformed by the renewing of my mind
I am still
I am very
I am steadfast
I am unmovable
I am abounding  
I am warmed and filled
I am valiant
I am glad with
exceeding joy
I am with the king
I am the peace of
God that surpasses all understanding
I am beauty from within
I am rich
I am healthy
I am successful
I am what I imagine
I am grace
      I am that, I am

The Creators Great Succotash, Lenape Story of Creation

The Creators Great Succotash, Lenape Story of Creation.

We Lenape tell stories to our children so they can learn lessons about life and survival, how to be compassionate and loving.  Our stories are creative but also have truth and are easy to remember.  I created this story by combining lots of little stories that I was told.  This is longer, but I shortened it for this video.  Ty

Indigenous Medicine Flower Tea

Indigenous "Medicine Flower" Tea
Herbal tea has lots of wonderful health benefits. From soothing a troubled tummy to easing insomnia and calming a troubled mind, herbs have all sorts of healing powers. Drinking herbal tea can also be a great source of vitamins and minerals.

Herbal tea isn’t really made from tea, which is a specific kind of plant. The word tisane is more accurate, since herbal tea is an infusion of leaves, seeds, roots or bark, extracted in hot water. When we drink a well-steeped herbal tea, we get all the plant’s benefits in an easily digestible state. We get more benefits from a good drinking herbal tea than from taking vitamins.

Steep your loose tea long enough, in some cases, as long as 10 to 15 minutes, to really bring out all the healthful properties. Cover the vessel to lock in the properties.

For centuries, the indigenous people right here in the north east coast of American have used herbs and spices to enhance the taste of food and drink, and to help and heal their bodies, as well.

Passed from generation to generation, the wealth of information about the healing powers of this herbal blend for our physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual selves continues to hold true today.

As you drink Indigenous “Medicine Flower” Tea, you are giving your body the building blocks it needs to manufacture tissues and hormones necessary for good health.  If you drink tea every day, you can make a significant change to your mood, your skin, your well-being and energy.

The main ingredient, Chickweed, stimulates metabolism and makes our bodies burn fat for fuel. It also stimulates the digestive system and helps for constipation.

Chickweed, when incorporated with healthy lifestyle habits such as a well-balanced diet and regular exercise, is an effective formulation for achieving long term weight loss.

Chickweed tea is high in potassium and is proven to reduce food cravings making it the perfect tea to drink when dieting.

Chickweed tea is an effective, caffeine- and drug-free and is enjoyable to the taste.

Drinking chickweed tea will aid in digestion and help reduce symptoms of indigestion, bladder infection and peptic or gastric ulcers. Chickweed acts as a diuretic and a mild laxative and can help relieve symptoms of constipation.

The second ingredient Sage has one of the longest histories of use of any culinary or medicinal herb. Ancient indigenous in North America used it as a fertility drug.  Sage stopped bleeding of wounds and cleaned ulcers and sores, hoarseness and coughs.  A tea made from sage leaves has had a long history of use to treat sore throats and coughs; often by gargling. It is also used by herbalists for rheumatism, excessive menstrual bleeding, and to dry up a mother's milk when nursing was stopped. It is also used for strengthening the nervous system, improving memory, and sharpening the senses.

Sage Tea is a valuable drink for the reduction of fevers and to reduce the nervous excitement accompanying brain and nervous diseases. It has a reputation as a remedy, given in small and often-repeated doses, for many ailments. It is a stimulant tonic in debility of the stomach and nervous system and weakness of digestion generally. It is considered a useful medicine in typhoid fever and beneficial in biliousness and liver complaints, kidney troubles, hemorrhage from the lungs or stomach, for colds in the head as well as sore throat, quinsy, measles, for pains in the joints, lethargy and palsy.

When you drink “Medicine Flower” Tea and combine this with “Medicine Flower” Oil, your senses will be pleasantly stimulated... the warmth of the cup in your hands... along with the feel of your smooth skin… the aromatherapy of the wonderful fragrances combined... and, the calming effects of a whole body experience.

The third ingredient, Rosemary is an herb that has been in use since ancient times. It is a good source of vitamin A, thiamine and magnesium, and a very good source of vitamin C, vitamin B-6, folate, calcium, iron and manganese.

As a tea of fresh or dry herb, rosemary has both aromatic and healing properties; it may be consumed for its antioxidant properties and to treat gastrointestinal disorders.

Finally the last ingredient Peppermint tea has been proven to have amazing health and beauty benefits. When it comes to stress and anxiety, peppermint tea is one of your best allies. The menthol that is naturally present in the tea is a muscle relaxant; the relaxation of the muscles can be an enormous component of natural stress and anxiety relief.

Drinking peppermint tea before bed has been proven to give you a more restful sleep. Not only does the relaxation of the muscles lead to more restful sleep, the tea has properties that can even help you dream more vividly.  Peppermint tea is a natural decongestant.  It can act as an appetite suppressant, making it easier to stick to your healthy eating goals.

Peppermint tea offers a slight boost in estrogen levels to some drinkers, which can help curb these hormonal problems and aid in clearing up acne.

Peppermint tea is also a great natural remedy for certain stomach ailments, including bloating and gas.  DO NOT USE IF YOU ARE USING MEDICATION OR PREGNANT OR NURSING.  ALWAYS CONSULT YOUR PHYSICIAN.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Indigenous Medicine Flower Oil

Indigenous "Medicine Flower" Oil
As with any medicinal product, you must pay special attention and use carefully.  Use for itch and rash relief, skin irritation and insect bites as well as overall skin health! DO NOT USE IF YOU ARE USING MEDICATIONS, ALWAYS CONSULT YOUR PHYSICIAN.
Your skin is your largest organ of your body.  Your skin is water, protein, lipids, and different minerals and natural chemicals. Your skin is made to protect you from infections and germs. Your skin changes often and will regenerate itself around the same moon cycle of 27-28 days. 
Taking care of your skin is crucial to maintaining the health and vitality of this special, protective organ.
You should thoroughly cleanse twice daily and make sure you remove all your make-up at night and cleanse properly and exfoliate before going to bed.  Use a gentle soap without fragrance. Rinse with mild soap in the morning and enjoy your newly regenerated skin from a good night’s rest.
Moisturizing is recommended even if you have oily skin. Natural oils do not clog poor’s and the benefits will be a clear radiant complexion.
A natural, non-chemical sunscreen is probably the most important thing that you can do for your skin. Even in the winter and on cloudy days, you should put natural oil sunscreen on every day. This should be done even if you are not outside often.  Limit your time in the sun, and pay special attention to the hours of 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., and wearing a covering type of clothing, such as a long-sleeved shirt, pants, and a wide-brimmed hat, are also recommended.
You should get to know all the parts of your skin that way you will notice any changes that might occur, such as different moles or patches that might indicate a skin problem. If you have a question or concern, see your doctor.
Adding Indigenous “Medicine Flower” Oil to your beauty routine may provide immense benefits to your skin, hair, and nails. Here are some of the Indigenous “Medicine Flower” Oil benefits you may find surprising.
The main ingredient, Olive oil contains three major antioxidants: vitamin E, polyphenols, and phytosterols. These antioxidants, when applied to the skin, may help protect the skin from premature skin aging. Vitamin E partly accounts for the anti-aging benefits of olive oil because it helps restore skin smoothness and protects against ultraviolet light.  Hydroxytyrosol, a somewhat rare compound that is found in olive oil, also prevents the free radical damage to the skin. 
Olive oil penetrates deeply into the skin while providing a cleansing effect.  Use olive oil at night as your regular moisturizer.  Apply a teaspoon of the Indigenous “Medicine Flower” Oil to the face and neck. 
A common exfoliating method using olive oil is to mix 1 tablespoon of the oil with natural sea salt, rubbing this mixture over the skin. The mild abrasive qualities of the sea salt, combined with the deep, penetrating action of the oil, will remove dead skin cells and leave your skin looking renewed and glowing.
The second ingredient is Grape seed oil which contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, both of which are great for stopping acne. This oil also contains linoleic acid, which is great for promoting renewed skin health.
Grape seed oil also has an astringent quality that helps tighten skin and close up the pores, thereby helping you avoid clogging that could lead to pimples. Oily skin can especially benefit from this oil.  Grape seed oil, applied daily for a few weeks, can relieve the dark circles naturally. 
Fine lines and wrinkles can be less noticeable with daily use of grape seed oil on the skin. The elasticity of the skin can be improved, and the lines of an aging face less pronounced.  Grape seed oil was once the well-kept secret of many traditional cosmetic companies. It's an easily absorbed, gentle oil that is light on the skin. 
In addition to an ideal viscosity, grape seed oil is extremely rich in beta-carotene and vitamins D, C, E. It also has a concentration of essential fatty acids like palmitic, stearic, and linoleic acid. Grape seed oil has also proven to be effective at minimizing the prominence and size of scars.
Apply a small amount of Indigenous “Medicine Flower” Oil to your hands and massage it into the skin. Pay close attention to areas with scars or blemishes, or rough areas. When massaged on the skin, it can not only moisturize but also help new scars to heal.
Simply apply a few drops of the oil to the area underneath your eyes with your fingertip. Massage it in very gently; you would begin to see results after a week. Indigenous “Medicine Flower” Oil can also be used to treat wrinkles and fine lines.
The third ingredient, (Boswellia) Frankincense Oil promotes regeneration of healthy cells and also keeps the existing cells and tissues healthy. When you com
www.bine this oil with its powerful astringent capabilities, you have a potent anti-aging quality that frankincense oil is often used for. It can help you to eliminate sun spots, remove micro-wrinkles around the eyes and cheeks, and generally tone and tighten skin all over your body, while simultaneously replacing old or dying cells with new, healthy ones. 
Frankincense is known as the holy anointing oil in the Middle East, where it has been used in religious ceremonies for thousands of years.  It was valued more than gold during ancient times, and only those with great wealth and abundance possessed it. Frankincense is also a valuable ingredient in skin care products for aging and dry skin. 
Although Indigenous “Medicine Flower” Oil is one of the safest oils it’s always wise to put 2 to 3 drops on the inside of your forearm to test for reaction before using elsewhere on your body.
Indigenous “Medicine Flower” Oil is great for your skin. It promotes the regeneration of healthy skin cells. It is a great oil to use for scarring, cuts, stretch marks, pockmarks and some moles.  It is also used as an anti-aging oil to reduce wrinkles and slow signs of aging.