Saturday, September 19, 2015

“MUSGOS”…..Brings back memories!

Many years ago, living with my Parents, Mark and Phyllis Gould and Sister, Shana Gould, we ate very well.

Every night was home-cooked food.

I remember my Dad frequently saying on Friday’s that “tonight is ‘MUSGOS’ night!”

I also remember telling myself that when I grow up, I will NEVER have a “MUSGOS” night in my house, since I was not very fond of the idea.

Well, this week, I cooked each night as usual; however, I did not take my leftovers to work as I most often do. We are also down from 6 to 5 in the house which means we consume less.

This left me with 3 sets of leftovers that amounted to a substantial amount of food; One-half of a baked chicken, a whole steak (I cooked two that night) and one-half of sautéed chicken breast.

So, it is Friday!  It really bothered me that we had so much food left from the week. My only recourse was “Musgos” night! Since this amount of food has not happened too often, my last three at home have never heard of the term.  Marcus asked “what are we having for dinner”? And I repeated “musgos”. He just said okay then asked “is that like tacos?” I said “certainly”!

While I was alone in the kitchen which is always the case, I quickly retrieved all the items from the fridge.  I cut a large sweet onion, chopped some fresh peppers and lots of tomatoes from the garden and threw it all in the cast iron skillet of extra virgin olive oil. Chopped the leftovers, seasoned it with the usual spices; garlic, onion, red pepper, chili powder, turmeric, and even threw in some dry cooking wine.

I let it simmer for one hour and it looked amazing not to mention smelled really good.

When it was time to eat, I made sure the tortillas were heated and served it with the left over rice, one white and one red (two separate nights)!

Well they ate it all, and never was anyone aware that “MUSGOS” is a term that my Dad used for all the leftovers in the fridge that “Must Go”!

I will never say NEVER again.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Amazon Baby Registry - What a Great Concept!

It’s true! has an extremely wide range of products, services and connections. Amazon Baby is wonderful because their prices are most likely less than other stores, and shipping is free for Amazon Prime members. Amazon Baby is a universal registry, meaning you can add items from any online store to your Amazon registry.

Whatever you are seeking for your new bundle of joy; clothes, changing tables, cribs, toys, small electronics, books, memorabilia, you will find the best prices on Amazon.

From small items like bottles to large furniture items, Amazon has competitive prices and with fast shipping (and free 2-day shipping with Amazon Prime), you will be sure to have all you need. Moms who used the Amazon baby registry loved that they could get anything from one site, and didn't have to make several registries to cover all the different things they wanted. We also confirmed that Amazon customer service is excellent and the return or exchange process (within 90 days) is free and easy, and the gift giver does not find out that the gift was returned or exchanged.  You can use the exchange for Amazon credit to use toward other items.

A huge benefit is that after everything is done, Amazon offers a 10% (10 percent) discount on select items that were never purchased off the registry. That “completion discount” could be as high as 15% (15 percent) for those who are members of Amazon Mom (which is a wonderful service offering free two-day shipping and a 20 percent discount on automated diaper deliveries). The completion discount will become available 30 days prior to the baby's due date and may only be used once.

One of most confusing things to do after learning you are expecting is researching the various baby registries that are out there.  The idea of Amazon Baby to do most of the shopping online is the most convenient for all. There is a way to print out the registry so that those shopping in-stores can still find the items you want. Then, if they are technically inclined enough, they can just to go back on the Amazon website and indicate which items were purchased elsewhere.

Amazon uses what's called a universal baby registry, which means that you can add a button to your browser that will allow you to add products to your registry from any other website you might find. For instance, if you find something at Babies R Us that you can't get at Amazon, you can add that item to your Amazon registry with just a click of a button.

They offer a completion discount of 10-15%. If you sign up for Amazon Mom you'll qualify for the full 15% discount; otherwise, you'll get the default 10% discount. The completion discount is eligible on remaining registry items within 30 days of the baby's due date, for up to $5000 worth of items.

Baby Registry Completion Discount:
A one-time 10% discount (up to 15% for Amazon Prime members, compliments of Amazon Mom) is offered on select items from your registry, 60 days before your child’s arrival date. A link to redeem the discount will be displayed on your registry once you are eligible (*Please note if your registry was created less than 14 days ago, you will not yet be eligible). You may join Amazon Prime any time prior to redeeming your discount to be eligible for 15%.

To learn more about creating an Amazon baby registry, click here.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Master Your Money the Indigenous Way with Budget Master


The Indigenous Way Budget Master

This program will be the most basic and the most effective tool for managing your finances.
This can show you how you allocate your money to make choices based on your financial Expectations.  

There are many benefits of Budgeting:

Makes you aware of what is happening with your money  
Enables you to know what you can afford, investing opportunities, and lower your debt
Enables you to save for expected and unexpected costs 
Allows you to plan to set aside money for emergency costs

Gives you control over your money
Makes you intentional about the way you spend and save your money    
Keeps you focused on your money goals 
You avoid spending unnecessarily on items that do not contribute to your financial goals
Helps you organize spending and savings 
To make adjustments organizing your bills, receipts, and financial statements

Enables you to communicate with family about goals 
Working for common financial goals and prevents conflict on money used
Helps you determine if you can take on additional debt or how much
Budgeting shows you how much a debt load you can realistically take
Enables you to seek extra money 
Identify and eliminate unnecessary spending like late fees, penalties and interests